Children's Swimming Lessons

Experts at identifying and enhancing your child’s swimming ability.

Learn to Swim programme

A childs first learn to swim experience is one of the most important

in terms of capturing and retaining their interest.

We believe the best way to achieve this is to create safe environments in which

children can be introduced to the water whilst having fun and by

providing a progressive learn to swim programme that is both challenging and rewarding.

Lesson Pathway

Our lesson pathway has been developed into stages that can be easily recognisable and are child friendly. We never base our stages on age and have been developed on swimming ability.


Level 1

This is normally our entry group and often the first time that children enter the pool without their parent. We have Water Buddies in the pool to help with this transition and to focus on building their confidence. 


Level 2

By this level we are introducing all four strokes and basic breathing techniques. We focus on distance swimming with swimmers being capable of 10m & 15m and children becoming less reliant on buoyancy aids.


Level 3

We introduce more technical stroke work at this level. Our swimmers may still need light support from buoyancy aids which will all help to improve their stroke ability and confidence. We work toward distance swimming of up to 25m


Level 4

Swimmers at this stage have a strong level of 

confidence and are capable of swimming over 50m. Swimmers will be demonstrating a good breathing technique, strong leg action with a great body position in the water. 


Level 5

Our Shark swimmers are normally swimming in lanes down the length of the pool. We normally 4 lanes to work through. 

We work on technique and 

building stamina, along with perfecting diving techniques.

Learn to Swim

We have designed our very own Swim Scheme that helps to reward children for their development of the essential skills they need to be confident, competent and safe in the water.

Every award has a specific set of criteria which each child will work towards during their lessons.

When joining Swimstars & Dolphins every child is issued with a starter pack that contains the criteria for each certificate alongside a wall chart that you can track their progress on.

One to One Lessons

Our private one to one swimming lessons offer a great way of giving you or your little one a head start in learning to swim.


Your very own dedicated, expertly trained Swimming Teacher in the pool, helping to build confidence and improve stroke technique

So if you are looking for One to One swimming lessons near you, follow the link below to find your nearest Swimstars venue.

What people say

We have had 4 lessons and I cannot praise the patience and acceptance of the staff enough. My twins are severely affected by Autism and Learning difficulties and have struggled at times to cope. This organisation goes that extra mile in promoting inclusion for children like mine and welcomed my children and I. I was so nervous attending as it is a challenge to encourage my children to adapt, the staff have always been there to help are willing to learn about my children and their needs and have even supported me when needed.


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