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you feel it from the moment you walk through the door

Something different. It’s more than vibrant colours chosen to inspire kids. More than a curriculum crafted not only to teach kids how to swim but also to build their character through guided play. More than a shiver-free pool heated to 32°. There’s something more. Something unexpected. Something that propels Go Swimstars beyond any other swim school. It’s our passion.

Our passion is not only for children or a passion for swimming... it's more than that...a magical passion for changing, even saving lives by teaching children to swim. 

When you work at Go Swimstars, you're not just an employee. You're a part of something bigger. You're making an impact; a splash in the lives of the children in your community. You're an integral part of a team, working together to move forward a mission. You’re also making waves in your future, learning life lessons in and out of the pool through mentorship, leadership and passion. At Go Swimstars, it’s more than a job - it’s an endless pool of possibilities, opportunities and life-changing moments!

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