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  • How will my child be assessed?
    We pride ourselves on a continuous assessment programme and don’t have set weeks for certificates. We are constantly assessing every week as all children progress at different levels. You can keep track of your child's progress via our parent portal here:
  • Do you provide any swimming equipment?
    We provide all swimming aids and flotations devices to all children, however if you would prefer to purchase something from our range then please visit our online shop.
  • Do i have to get in the pool with my child?
    There is no need for you to get in the pool, we have trained Water Buddies that are based in the pool to help build your child’s confidence and enhance stroke technique. But we do have seating on the poolside so you can sit and watch.
  • What age do your lessons start from?
    Our lessons are available to start from 2 years old.
  • Does my child need to wear goggles?
    We strongly recommend that your child wears goggles during their lesson. It will not only help to build their confidence with submerging their face but it will also help with their position in the water.
  • Are you open during the school holidays?
    We are open all the way through the year excluding two weeks at Christmas, any planned closures will be displayed on our website and you will receive an email notification. We would urge all customers to like our Facebook page for these updates. For any unplanned closures we will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible, this will be done via text message and email. At the time of registration please make sure that you have given us your mobile number as a form of contact.

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